This week’s post is another example of a 20-minute Floortime session. In the video link below, you will see a child enjoying water balloon play with his Dad. Using examples from the book by Dr. Davis and colleagues, Dad’s goal is to work through the core capacities up to and including Capacity 4 where he can get sustained interactions and social problem-solving with his son.

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You may have noticed that not only were there comments in the video example, but also yellow asterisks * at various parts in the video. In the next few weeks, we will review the blog post on Self-Reflection in Floortime. It will review the video above for what went well and why, what Dad can do to facilitate more robust interactions in future Floortime sessions, and other thoughts and noted reflections. Do stay tuned!

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Next week, we’ll wrap up our Stumbling blocks… video blog series with the sixth functional emotional developmental capacity: Fostering logical thinking and building bridges between ideas.

Until next week… here’s to affecting autism through playful interactions!

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