This week I wanted to share a wonderful series on YouTube called Special Books for Special Kids. Read about the creator, Chris Ulmer’s story of how it got started here. I think he is a natural Floortimer!

Please watch this fantastic video of a very talented former special education teacher connecting with any child he meets on his YouTube channel (click the button/title which links to his channel).

If you didn’t ‘get’ the early developmental capacities before, I hope you will get it after watching this video. He demonstrates them in such a straight forward way, without even mentioning DIR/Floortime. But he is describing the essence of what we do in Floortime.

Note how he creates a safe, warm relationship with each child by following the child’s interest and connecting with the child based on this interest.

Note how he gets the back-and-forth interaction going because he appeals to the child’s interests. He has said in his videos before, If I remain flexible, I can form a bond with anyone.” He is a natural Floortimer! Thank you to ADAPT Manitoba for this information!

I hope you enjoy exploring the Special Books for Special Kids video interviews. Do you have an example of how any of these tips have worked for you or do you have others that have? If so, please share them with us below in the Comments section. Also, if you found this helpful, please share this post by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter buttons below.

Until next week… here’s to affecting autism through playful interactions!

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