About Affect Autism

Affect Autism was created to help caregivers access a respectful approach that can make their lives with their autistic children more joyful and meaningful for both their children and themselves. By supporting their children on their own at home, caregivers can watch their children’s developmental progress in ways they might otherwise not have done sitting on a wait list for services—or worse, going through services that don’t help.

The Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based (DIR) model and Floortime was revolutionary in that it was the first to consider affect as the most important consideration in development. The DIR model builds on this finding from neuroscience to propose a respectful way, that honours neurodiversity, to bring out your child’s development with years of research and clinical data backing up its validity and effectiveness.

It is our mission to help you see the strengths in your child using Floortime. Through the podcasts with experts and blog content which will include video examples, we will give you the confidence to help you help and support your child without relying on our less-than-ideal public services.

Our ultimate goal would be to have Floortime funded for families everywhere.


To do this, enough parents must join together to voice our dissatifaction at the current state of services available for our children. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network has advocated for coverage for Floortime.

We’ve heard too many horror stories about the treatment of autistics and children with developmental differences in public schools, mostly due to a lack of understanding on the part of very dedicated staff and parents of neurotypical children. With education and the appropriate use of public dollars, all of this can easily be avoided.

We would like to see the Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based (DIR) model be the primary model in Special Education in the Ontario school system, and across all hospitals and community service resources for special needs children across the globe.

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