Development Happens Within Relationships Across a Lifetime

through genuine affect, respect, warmth, and playful interactions

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We chose play. Joy every day.

We help parents relate and connect with their neurodivergent children

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We Advocate for the Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based (DIR®) Approach for Children with Developmental Differences


This approach is developmental in nature, not behavioural. We meet others where they are, developmentally, in order to support and guide their developmental trajectory, which is different for everyone.

Individual Differences

We all have individual circumstances and sensory processing differences that vary greatly from one another which inform our understanding of how we interact with the world and with others.


With genuine affect, we create those warm and nurturing relationships that are tailored to each of our individual differences and will help support us moving forward in our development.


Floortime is joining others in their interests to respectfully and playfully support their individual development through shared, joyful, spontaneous interactions. We all need to feel safe to play to grow and learn.

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