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Every child can benefit from DIR/Floortime, not just autistic children or those with developmental differences
You’re here for the first time! You’re new to DIR/Floortime and like what you see. You want to relate and communicate with your child in a respectful way. You want to see your child thrive with an approach that promotes their natural development.
You’ve come to the right place! DIR/Floortime offers a warm and engaging way of relating and communicating with your child, is relationship-based, respectful, and puts your child at the front and centre of it, rather than his or her behaviour.
We focus on expansion of children’s behaviour rather than suppression
By interacting developmentally with your child (“D“), you can understand how to respect their individual differences (“I“) and developmental level through a warm, safe and nurturing relationship (“R“) so that you and your child will have the opportunity to relate, think and communicate with each other. You’ll move from concerns that almost all parents have to growing to appreciate your child for whom they are and relish in the joy of supporting your child’s development.

Joy every day

A new series documenting one family’s Floortime journey.

You’ll move away from here:

  • “I just want them to say, “Mommy”/”Daddy.”
  • “I don’t think they even care if I am around.”
  • “They can’t tell me if they are hungry, hurt, or mistreated at school”.
  • “Why do they do that?” “Why are they spinning things?”
  • “Will they get married?”
  • “Who is going to take care of them when I am gone?”
You’ll arrive to acceptance, appreciation, and empowerment here:

  • “I love relating and communicating with my child.”
  • “I love connecting and sharing joy together with my child every day.”
  • “I understand and can show others how my child communicates”.
  • “I feel empowered understanding my child’s sensory processing profile.”
  • “I am excited to watch my child’s development unfold.”
  • “I am honoured to scaffold and support my child’s development.”
We want to share our enthusiasm and everything we’ve learned with other families. You can do Floortime anytime, anywhere. You as parents and caregivers are the best bet for your child’s success! Instead of waiting on funding for sub-optimal services, or depending on costly ‘interventions’ that boast modest gains or put the focus on the wrong thing, let’s do it ourselves! Let’s empower our children! We show you how!
Let’s Start!

Here is your guide to relating and engaging with your child using the Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based (DIR) model and Floortime. You’ll be having fun together in no time! Happy viewing!

Introduction to DIR/Floortime

Hear my story about why I chose Floortime and created this website:

For more in depth details and insights see We chose play.

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