We chose play

Joy every day

We chose play is a new series documenting one family’s Floortime journey

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Season 1 has begun:

Episode 1: In the beginning… The necessary step parents must take after the diagnosis to moving forward.

Episode 2: What did we miss? How parents question themselves and why it’s so important to avoid blame.

Episode 3: How do we start? Understanding the most important thing you can do to help your child.

Episode 4: Let’s start is coming soon… Looking at your child’s individual profile to inform your play.

Episode 5: Let’s play! is coming soon… Reviewing and dissecting a Floortime video to highlight the process.

With each episode, you’ll glean insights, tips, and reflections–what I learned and what I know now that I would tell myself back then, along the way. I hope it will support your Floortime experience.

We chose play. Joy every day.

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