Parent Perspectives: Navigating our Health and Education Systems

by Affect Autism

A New Podcast!

On this edition of Parent Perspectives from Affect Autism, we have our first parent panel! Parent Perspectives is an addition to the usual podcasts with DIR Experts and other guests. I hope you enjoy them!

This Week’s Guests

This edition of Parent Perspectives features two professionals and mothers of autistic children.

Melinda is a seasoned Pediatric Occupational Therapist who has worked with students in a variety of settings including schools, outpatient clinics, early intervention settings, and hospitals. She is the mother of an 11-year-old autistic boy with complex challenges. She’s here to discuss the balance of being a therapist and mother and what it’s like experiencing being on the other side of the IEP table, and about the challenges of navigating the complex health care system.

Lesley has a PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience Psychology whose doctoral research was based on Polyvagal Theory with a focus on how internal regulation relates to higher cognitive skills. She is an Associate Professor of Psychology who teaches Developmental Psychology, Psychology of Trauma, and Cognitive Psychology and is the parent of a 6-year-old autistic girl. She is here to discuss the challenges of navigating the education system for her neurodivergent child.

Melinda and Lesley met at a live offering of DIR 101: An Introduction to DIR and DIR/Floortime and connected over their similar experiences.

Stay tuned for the next Parent Perspectives parent panel podcast with a new group of parents in two weeks!

Until next time, here’s to choosing play and experiencing joy everyday!

Thank you to recording artist Ayria for the intro/outro song permission!

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