Parent Perspectives: Parents Listening to Autistic Self-Advocates

by Affect Autism

A New Podcast!

This week is another edition of Parent Perspectives from Affect Autism! I thought it would be helpful for parents and practitioners to hear some of the things we discuss at ICDL’s parent support meeting, which happens Mondays at 1pm Eastern time, and in the evenings as well at 9pm once each month. Parent Perspectives is an addition to the usual DIR-related podcasts. I hope you will enjoy them!

Today’s Content

Today’s edition of Parent Perspectives covers content discussed in ICDL’s parent support meeting from Monday, October 2nd, 2023 with guest Autistic Self-Advocate, Kieran Rose. Kieran fielded questions from parents, providing a self-advocate’s perspective, which the group found very helpful and empowering. I invited autistic parent, Cass Griffin Bennett, who attends the parent support meetings regularly to join me in relaying what was discussed at the meeting. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to Cass Griffin Bennett for joining me for this podcast! A huge thank you to Kieran Rose for his guest appearance in ICDL’s parent support meeting and for giving me permission to publish this blog post about it. Please consider sharing it on social media and let us know if you found it insightful, helpful, or informative. Stay tuned for the next podcast in two weeks!

Until next time, here’s to choosing play and experiencing joy everyday!

Thank you to recording artist Ayria for the intro/outro song permission!

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