Parent Perspectives: How Do We Handle Fears and Anxiety?

by Affect Autism

A New Podcast!

This marks the first edition of Parent Perspectives from Affect Autism! I thought it would be helpful for parents and practitioners to hear some of the things we discuss at ICDL’s parent support meeting, which happens Mondays at 1pm Eastern time, although we are expanding it to evenings as well. This new podcast will include Parent Panels–the first one coming up in the fall–where I’ll have a number of Floortime parent guests! I’ll also highlight discussions we had in various parent support meetings, like in today’s podcast. Parent Perspectives will be an addition to the usual podcasts with DIR and other guests. I hope you will enjoy them!

Today’s Content

Today’s edition of Parent Perspectives covers content discussed in ICDL’s parent support meeting from Monday, July 10th, 2023 with DIR guest Expert, Psychologist Dr. Karen Levine. There were many questions about children’s fears and phobias and Dr. Levine responded based on material from her recent, and upcoming, course on Treating Fears and Phobias where she discusses the work she does with her clients to successfully help change a child’s affective state from fear and anxiety in play using humour.


In this week’s edition of Parent Perspectives, I referred to the following resources:

Stay tuned for the next regular podcast with clinician scientist, Amanda Binns, on the new community resource for Speech and Language Pathologists called MAPS, coming next week!

Until next time, here’s to choosing play and experiencing joy everyday!

Thank you to recording artist Ayria for the intro/outro song permission!

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