Happy New Year! We have some new things coming down the shoot in 2018! Here’s a quick snapshot of what to look for this year at Affect Autism.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a one-on-one, individualized, developmental approach to reading, typically for first graders in a public school setting who are falling behind their classroom peers. My first “real” job out of graduate school was the program evaluator for this intervention for an entire state in the U.S. In this role, which I held for five years, I had the joy of working with many professional special educators.

My role was not only to manage the data for all of the school districts in the state, but to work with regional Teacher Leaders in how to use their data to inform the implementation of the reading program in their school districts. I even audited an entire year of Reading Recovery Teacher Training to learn about the program.

Well, now our son is showing an eager interest in reading so I found a wonderful local Reading Recovery teacher to help me implement my son’s own personalized program. I’ll be covering his progress once per month as we work through an informal version of this program. Reading Recovery is in line with DIR/Floortime in its philosophy in that it is individualized, developmental, and follows the child’s interests. I’m very excited to share our progress with you!

Building and Supporting Floortime Families at ICDL

Affect Autism continues to partner with the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL) in offering Building and Supporting Floortime Families. You can find more information here about the latest offerings.

Affiliate Links

You will notice a new Menu item on our site for Products. Here, you’ll see products that we have found very helpful with our own son that we use and can share our experiences about. When you purchase any items from this page, a small portion will help maintain Affect Autism, which has been a completely volunteer effort for over two years now. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Sample Floortime Videos

Similar to my own experience with Floortime, other parents have shared with me that even when they understand the theory behind the Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based (DIR) model, they still find it challenging to get started and often stumble when trying to ‘figure out’ how to play with their children in a Floortime way.

This spring, we will be partnering with another parent-driven project to share our journeys with our own children in applying the DIR model and Floortime. You will have the opportunity to share in our experiences and growth–the growth and development of our children, but also our own growth and development as parents!

The videos will be a lot more than what you’ve previously seen on our blog here. You will see longer, more frequent videos and a progression of videos in regular intervals. In addition, just like in an ideal DIR scenario, we will have a team of DIR professionals we work with who will help guide us on our journey–and our journeys will be different. It will truly be a valuable model for parents and practitioners interested in diving into DIR/Floortime.

Blog .PDFs

Coming soon, you will have the option to purchase, for a very small fee, a collection of .PDF versions of each blog post, grouped as they appear in our Getting Started section, or in bulk. We have heard that it would be helpful to save blog posts or read them as a book. Hopefully this will be a feature that will add to your learning, along with helping us continue to fund the website.

Podcasts Availability

Our podcasts, and possibly some of the video blogs, will begin to appear on iTunes and SoundCloud as I get around to figuring that out! This should open DIR/Floortime to a wider audience, which can only help our advocacy efforts!

Udemy Course(s)

By summer, the plan is to have at least one Udemy course available describing our journey with DIR/Floortime. Again, bringing a wider audience to DIR/Floortime will be my mission.

The Book

The long-planned book about our journey since our son’s brain inflammation and finding DIR/Floortime is in progress. Our goal is that by the end of the year, it will be written!

Continuing Evolving Content

Affect Autism’s Developmental Capacities for Learning Blog posts will continue to bring you evolving content about applying DIR/Floortime. Be on the look out for the following topics in the next few months:

  • How a caregiver’s regulation affects the child’s regulation in Floortime
  • Avoiding the blame in Floortime
  • A feature with Dr. Gil Tippy on the new Shrub Oak International School, where he is the Co-Head of School and Clinical Director
  • An interview with Maude Le Roux about her new, ground-breaking functional assessment for children on the autism spectrum which “crosses over the bridge between the Developmental Hierarchy of Learning and the DIR/Floortime Model
  • Updates about the new DIR clinic opening up in New Jersey
  • And much more to follow…

We are continually aiming to improve this site with new and up-to-date, dynamic content. We always welcome all constructive feedback via the Contact link. We hope that you will find all the information about how we apply DIR/Floortime into our life very helpful. Here’s to affecting autism!

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