Above you will find a link to the full BLOG post from last year entitled, Example of a Floortime session that includes a VIDEO CLIP of a Floortime session. When you are learning about DIR/Floortime, it is a process that takes time and practice. Please read the accompanying full description of the session in last year’s post. It is a decent example of a Floortime session, and I was able to move this little girl up the developmental ladder. But this doesn’t always happen–especially when you’re first starting out.

When you start out doing Floortime, it can be a struggle to challenge your child developmentally, so this week I want to show another example of a Floortime session from when I first started. This week’s video demonstrates how an early Floortime session can go when you are still learning. It follows nicely from last week’s post on co-regulation which stressed how important it is (and how difficult it can be) to reach that first developmental capacity of shared attention and regulation with your child.

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In this week’s video, I point out some different techniques I tried to get that shared attention, how some of the things I did weren’t helpful, and opportunities that I missed. 

Self-reflection is an important part of Floortime and reviewing videos of playing with your child can really help you reflect on how to approach the next Floortime session and get better at meeting and supporting your child’s needs.

Does this video help you understand how shared attention and regulation are the first step in Floortime? Do you have an example of how you have helped your child by first co-regulating to get his/her shared attention or how it has been a struggle to do so? If so, please let us know below in the Comments section. And if you liked this post, please share it by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter buttons below.

Until next week… here’s to affecting autism through playful interactions!

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