There is a new advocacy organization to promote developmental approach therapies for autism in Ontario, Canada! The Autism Developmental Approach Therapies Association, or Autism DATA is a group of parents and professional practitioners in Canada who use a developmental, relationship-based approach in their interactions with the children they live and work with.

Autism D.A.T.A. promotes and advocates for a developmental approach over behaviour management and parent choice for autism. The periodic bulletin compiles the latest news in the world of developmental approach therapies for autism including new research, current practices, upcoming conferences and presentations, progress on government funding and advocacy, and more.

If you are a parent in Ontario, Canada who wants a developmental approach therapy for your autistic child, please sign the petition at Autism D.A.T.A. to advocate for government funding


For more information, visit Autism D.A.T.A. and sign up to receive an email when the latest bulletin has been published. It is the goal of Autism D.A.T.A. that by having a website that highlights the work developmental approach practitioners do, it will bring more attention to the developmental approach therapies as a viable option for funding.

Until next time… here’s to affecting autism through playful interactions!

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