This week’s VIDEO presents highlights from the full BLOG post, The ‘R’ in the DIR model: Relationship-based. The purpose of the video blog series is to review the key concepts of DIR/Floortime in a more digestible format for parents and those new to the DIR model. To view the VIDEO or full BLOG post, which links to the Key Take-Aways PDF summary, please click on the respective button above.

Does understanding how important the relationship is with the child in the DIR Model help you think differently about relating with your child? If so, please share this post by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter buttons below. Also, please let us know your thoughts below in the Comments section. Now that we’ve covered the ‘D’, the ‘I’, and the ‘R’, we’ll talk about Floortime™ next week.

Until next week… here’s to affecting autism through play!

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