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If I Need Help

These ID tags give us peace of mind if we are out in public with our son. We put our phone numbers on the ID tag so that if he gets separated from us, we have a better chance of being reunited. I love the seatbelt tag as well, because God forbid we get in a car accident and I am unable to communicate, his tag alerts first responders that our son is autistic and they can find our emergency contacts information via the scanned image, which links to our registry with If I Need Help. Created by a family after their own horrific experience of being separated from their son in public, this company is family-run.

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Our Greatest Allies: Respect, Relationship and Intervention… a Child’s Journey

This book is an example of using the respectful Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based (DIR) approach. I own the Kindle copy of this book and co-author, Maude Le Roux, has played a similar role in our family!

SUMO Bean Bag Chairs

We LOVE these bean bag chairs from Sumo Lounge! They give great proprioceptive input, as well as make great giant building blocks for some fun Floortime! They’re also comfortable for your little gamers! All orders come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping! Check out the full product range on the website.

Learn More About DIR/Floortime from The Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning!

DIR 101

DIR 101: An Introduction to DIR® and DIRFloortime® is the 12-hour introductory course from ICDL. Use PROMO CODE “Affect18” to get 10% off your course tuition! Register here to learn about the model Affect Autism is based on!

DIR 201

DIR 201: Promoting Basic Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities is 14-week online course that provides a Basic DIR Certificate to successful participants. Use PROMO CODE Affect18 to SAVE $25 on your tuition! Register here.

The Inspired Treehouse

I love this website! If you are interested in some great tips from occupational and physical therapists for your child’s sensory and developmental challenges, this is the place to go. They have wonderful, colourful printables and a great selection of products beyond what is shown below to help you help your child or clients.

From the website: “The Core Strengthening Handbook is the ultimate resource for fun and creative core strengthening activities for kids! Inside this pdf, you’ll find tons of awesome exercises, games, and activities designed to give kids the strong core foundation they need to succeed!” Just don’t forget to stay true to Floortime by keeping that interaction going and following your child’s interests when working on these activities!


From the website: “The Core Strength Exercise Program takes some of the playful and engaging activities from The Core Strengthening Handbook and presents them in a format that captures kids’ attention and encourages participation using visual prompts.”


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From the website: “These Sensory Motor Scavenger Hunts will get kids moving, touching, noticing, and interacting with their surroundings in a totally different way! They’re a great way to show kids how to explore their sensory systems!” Scavenger hunts are a great way to work on a child’s visual spatial system in the fourth functional emotional developmental capacity once you have a great back-and-forth rhythm and interaction going with your child.


From the website: “The Hand Strengthening Handbook is a collection of more than 100 fun and playful hand strengthening ideas right at your fingertips in one easy-to-read printable resource. Hand strength is one of the most common problem areas we see with kids in our pediatric therapy practice. And luckily, there is no shortage of fun and engaging ways to help kids strengthen the muscles of their hands.”


From the website: “Perfect for school-based therapists and others working in pediatric settings, the The Therapy Planner is an amazing tool that can help you organize and streamline your practice. All of the documents are digital and editable, so you can download them and type directly into the forms, or print them and write on them yourself!”


From the website: “Wiggle Worms: A Guide to Alternative Seating for the Classroom (ebook): Inside this 20-page printable book, you’ll find all of the resources you need to begin implementing alternative seating strategies in your classroom.”


Move Play Thrive

The Brain and Sensory Foundations pre-recorded, online 8-session course for anyone from parents to professional therapists from all disciplines and more, offered by Sonia Story at Move Play Thrive, “focuses on integrating reflexes with tools from a wide variety of neurodevelopmental movement methods. We learn simple movements that give children the foundation for learning, emotional maturity, speech, language, social skills, physical strength and upright posture. The movements are ideal for teens and adults as well.

I am in the process of working my way through this course with our son and am happy to answer questions that anyone has. I chose Sonia Story because she has trained directly with creators of various neurodevelopmental movement programs including Rhythmic Movement Training™ and Brain Gym®, to name but a few. She truly is an expert in her field. You can see some of the results achieved from this course under the case studies menu here.

Mabel’s Labels

We use Mabel’s Labels to identify our son’s items that go to school. “Whether you need to label your kids’ clothes or your kitchen canisters, Mabel’s Labels has all of your needs covered. Our labels are perfect for school, camp, daycare, and home.” They offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed and are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and waterproof! They also have FREE SHIPPING to Canada and the U.S.A. Affect Autism receives a 10% commission on your purchase.

Kids Companions Chewelry

KidCompanions Chewelry is bpa, phthalate, lead and latex free chew necklaces made for children to adults. SentioCHEWS are more durable than other chew necklaces often found on the market made of generic silicone. Both lines of chew necklaces are made in Canada, sourced in USA and Canada of FDA approved materials, and CE marked to EU standards.

Fun and Function

Fun and Function has toys and tools for kids with sensory challenges including chewies, cushions, seating, blankets, clothing, fidgets, weighted products, swings, balls, crash mats, trampolines, and so much more!