Affect Autism Services


Supporting Floortime Families

In collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL, Inc.), Affect Autism is pleased to offer an online parent support group called Supporting Floortime Families. Please see the EVENTS tab for more information.

Parent Consulting

Consulting services for Parents, Families, Schools, Health Service Centres, Community Centres, Care Facilities, and/or anyone caring for those with special needs in the framework of the Developmental Individual Differences Relationship (DIR®) model of Dr. Stanley Greenspan.

I can help you find the strategies to use in these settings to facilitate bringing out the highest potential in the children you care for. I can help you understand the process of development, what it looks like, and how to move the child you care for up the developmental ladder at his/her own pace fostering thinking, relating, and communicating. I can work with you in person or via the internet if you are not local.

Emotional Support for Caregivers

Grief Recovery Method® Support Group

One-on-One Grief Recovery Method® services

The Grief Recovery Method® is an action-based educational program that helps you take a set of actions to complete an emotional loss. Emotional loss comes in many forms but we are focused on the loss of the future expectations parents had for their children, either before they were born or before their diagnosis.

There is a lot of grief around parenting a child with developmental challenges as much as there is great joy. Completing the feelings of loss through the steps in this method help get rid of old patterns of grief, anger, and pain that many parents feel about their reality which could include struggles with the behaviour of the child, struggles with outside family members who do not understand, tension between spouses, and so on. The Grief Recovery Method can help you move forward so you can be the supportive parent your child needs!

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