Advocacy for DIR/Floortime®

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The Association for Developmental Autism Programs and Therapies (ADAPT) is a group of parents who believe that families should be the ones to decide on the best approach to supporting the growth of their children with autism. The goal of ADAPT is to provide information about developmental approaches to autism therapy in Manitoba.

The Autism Developmental Approach Therapies Association (Autism DATA) is an advocacy group of parents and professionals who believe that families should have a choice in what approach they use to bring out their child’s highest potential. The goal of Autism DATA is for the province of Ontario to fund developmental approach interventions such as DIR/Floortime® as does the province of British Columbia.

United States

The Floortime Coalition of California (DIR® FT™COC) is a group of parents, families, and professionals promoting parent and family choice in treatments who are spreading the word about evidence-supported developmental approaches to intervention such as DIR/Floortime® to help people across the lifespan with Autism and other developmental challenges. They are committed to expanding awareness, access to, and use of developmental approaches through education, fundraising, research, networking, and policy advocacy.

The Interdisciplinary Council on Learning and Development is the main voice for DIR® as envisioned by creator, Dr. Stanley Greenspan, and has a strong advocacy presence lead by Dr. Gil Tippy.

Maine DIR/Floortime® Advocacy Network is Maine parents & professionals advocating for access to DIR/Floortime®, an evidence-based treatment model for children with autism & developmental challenges.

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